photo editing

for photographers

My photo editing is catered toward you. I know how hard it is to let go of even a small part of your business, especially when your business is your baby. I start by learning and understanding your unique editing style so that each edited catalog beautifully represents you and your brand. 


I am Kay, a hybrid wedding photographer and a private editor for other photographers. I’m an experienced wedding, family and portrait photographer with 5+ years of experience. I offer private editing services for photographers who desire consistent work. 

Whether you’re in need of finding more free time or simply don’t enjoy being tied to your computer, I am here to help. I can take care of your  editing needs while giving you more time for your business, home and family. 
My personal editing style specializes in light and airy edits and film emulation. With that being said I have extensive experience working with photographers of all other styles. I have edited with Noble, TAP, Goodlight, DC, KT Merry, Mastin Labs & many others. 

If you are ready to take that leap or just have some questions, fill out the form below. I can’t wait to chat with you and hopefully take some things off your plate! 

You’ve accomplished the hardest step, deciding you’re ready to start outsourcing your editing. The idea of handing over this side of your work is scary, trust me I get it. I look forward to learning more about your needs and the ways I can help you accomplish editing goals. At the top of the page you will find my photo editing inquiry form where you can express your needs in depth. 

01. Submit

You will receive an email back from me with detailed steps on the how to. From creating a catalog, exporting it, sending it to me, turn around times and instructions for when I deliver the gallery back to you.


After receiving your gallery, I meticulously edit each photo to the best of my abilities. I’m available every step of the way if you have questions, comments or feedback.


Once you receive your gallery back, the hope is all you need to do is give the gallery a once over to make sure it’s up to your satisfaction. From there you would export as normal and be able to upload to your client gallery. As an add on I do offer uploading to the client gallery, to help alleviate one extra step for you.

04. review your gallery

Now you have successfully outsourced! I hope you feel a burden lifted. The goal with outsourcing is to give you peace of mind and give you your time back. After gallery has been delivered you will receive an invoice for editing services. 




how it works


7-10 Day Turnaround

Preset Application
Straightening & Cropping 
White Balance & Color Correction 
Skin Tone Matching
Application of masks
Minimal spot removal
Experience in film matching & hybrid editing
An editor committed to learning your brand and editing preferences 


Culling your catalog down to the desired number of images | $150
Exporting & uploading images to your client gallery | $15 Per Gallery 
Touch Ups: Softening skin, extensive spot removal | Additional $.30 per image
Rush Delivery, two day turn around 50% of total bill

"I love working with Kay! I know my photographs are in trusted hands. She is meticulous with details and understands color beautifully. I cannot recommend her enough" 

- Sabrina 

"If you're looking for a phenomenal editor, look no further. Hire Kayley!!!! She is affordable, efficient and so fast! I was very skeptical hiring an editor at first, I thought that no one can "edit like me". But I was drowning in shoots and editing and took a chance. I now have my life back, Kayley edits BETTER than I would, and literally couldn't run my business without Kayley!! HIRE HER FOR ALL YOUR EDITING NEEDS! It will change your life and your business!" 

- Lindsay Collett (Sincerely Lindsay Photography LLC)

"I love working with Kay because I know my photographs are in trusted hands. She is meticulous with details and understands color beautifully! I can't recommend her enough!"

- Lauren

“Kay is so kind and wonderful to work with. Her process is simple and she is timely, when it comes to delivering edited images back to me. If I ever had concerns she was quick to work through them too. Kay is amazing!”

⁃ Julie

CLIENT review

frequently asked questions

Yes absolutely! I recommend keeping trial galleries between 25-45 images. I ask you include at least 5-7 images with your edits in the trial gallery for me to see your preset and edit history. I always offer a trial because I want to make sure that we are a good fit for one another. 

01. Do you offer trial edits?

That is my main goal. I match your style by what I refer to as anchor images throughout your gallery. For the first gallery I ask you include one edited example image per lighting change for me to use as an anchor images to match the rest of the gallery to your style. 

02. Can you match my style?

Upon inquiry for editing services I have a guide that I send with step by step instructions. This includes how to export a catalog, send a gallery, what to expect in communication from me, what to do once receiving the catalog back and all other details you may need. I try to make the process as easy as possible for you. 

03. How do I send you my files?

Of course. I know what it feels like to be frustrated in your editing and feel stuck. I offer two services for refining your editing style.
Option 1, you can send me a catalog of images along with inspiration images (these can be images you love from instagram, pinterest etc) and I will do my best to use my skills to match edit your images to those inspiration images. 
Option 2, we meet in person or over a zoom call for an hour per session to edit &  work together to achieve your desired look for your images. 

Without a doubt. Whether you use a popular preset or have created your own preset I can work with any. The only requirement I ask for is to either include edited images using that preset or to send me the preset. If you are unsure how to share a preset, no worries I can send instructions on how to do so. 

My typical turn around time is 5-7 business days. During peak busy season (June-October) my turn around time is 7-10 days unless it is a rushed gallery. I edit my galleries in the order that I receive them. 

04. Can you help me refine my editing?

05. Can you work with multiple presets?

06. What is your turn around time?